Not your typical career coach.

For a long time I refused to call myself a coach. The industry is full of charlatans, peddling easily Googled, plug and play approaches to something I've always found to be inherently personal. So I didn't get certified to be a coach. I never took a class on it. I'm not a member of any coaching coalitions. But as far back as my teens, I was reading Carl Jung and performing personality testing on co-workers.  I've been passionate about helping people build meaningful life paths ever since - guiding them to their next move, aiding them in getting accepted to their dream school, supporting them as they built companies aligned with personal values. My aim is to help people use their unique talents, skills, and passion to drive change in their lives, organizations, and societies.


For the countless individuals who find the "one size fits all" solutions - the self help books, the 30 day plans, the checklists - don't work for them. For those who want to explore deeper. Who want something more personalized. Who wish to build a purpose driven career.  I'm here to help.

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