Inspirational Speaker and Facilitator

“Kacy is a talented, thorough, and dynamic facilitator. She is an amazing guide for people who want to tackle sticky, challenging, and complex issues and makes the experience into a rare combination of fun and meaningful... She’s a truly wonderful addition to any program!”
— Shira Abramowitz, Director of Programming, Summit Series

As an entrepreneur, consultant, CEO, and advisor for companies, cities, and universities, she has spent over 16 years re-imagining the way we work and learn. She blends her contrarian perspective with design thinking, opening her audience to new ideas and approaches.


Current Talks and Facilitations

Facilitating Employment Visioneering Session for the X PRIZE.

Facilitating Employment Visioneering Session for the X PRIZE.



The Power of A Good Question - Explores how to use powerful questions to open our mind to new possibilities. Unlocks the mental models used by some of the globe’s most respected innovators to disrupt existing systems, rather than create incremental change. Shares the story of how she learned this approach while leading early design of the $15M Global Education X PRIZE. Shows how this mindset can be used as a competitive advantage for entrepreneurs and organizations. (Also available as a workshop)

Ikigai For Entrepreneurs - What if the next generation of entrepreneurs built businesses that were deeply connected to their personal Ikigai? What if the paradigm of entrepreneurship shifted such that every business was a combination of what we can be paid for, what we are good at, what the world needs, and what we love? (Also available as a workshop and can be customized for intrapreneurs, innovating within existing companies).

Why UBI Won’t Work (And What We Can Do To Fix It) -  Approaches one of the hottest future of work topics from a different angle than the usual conversations of financial or political feasibility, instead focusing on the mindset and skills necessary for success (and the parallels for self organized work). More info can be found at this blog post, which made the front page of

Question Salons - Groups of 8-10 people who gather for salon style discussions of deeply personal questions to help guide them as they design more meaningful, Ikigai driven careers and/or to build trust and have authentic conversation with teams, co-workers, etc.. The circles are like a melding of professional coaching and group therapy. 

Zappos All Hands Meeting

Zappos All Hands Meeting


Previous speaking engagements, facilitations, and panels include:

  • Close It

  • Inbound

  • Downtown Speaker Series

  • UPitt's Clinical and Translational Science Institute

  • Burning Man

  • Learning Forum Foresight Council

  • Catalyst Creativ

  • X PRIZE Education Visioneering

  • The U.S. House of Representatives Congressional Committee on Education and the Workforce

  • Summit Series

  • Digital Hollywood

  • Venture for America

  • Zappos All Hands

  • Thiel Summit


Thiel Summit talk and panel with Luke Nosek, Partner, Founders Fund, Patrick Collison, CEO, Stripe, and Gayle Karen Young, Wikipedia

Thiel Summit talk and panel with Luke Nosek, Partner, Founders Fund, Patrick Collison, CEO, Stripe, and Gayle Karen Young, Wikipedia

What Her Audiences Have Said

"Kacy takes a room into the palm of her hand and holds them rapt."

"I wasn't expecting to be moved as much as I was."

"It was really clarifying, inspiring and timely."

"As a facilitator, Kacy inspires trust and authenticity. A surprising self-reflection question illuminated a new insight that has shaped how I approach my career based on a better understanding of what has led me to where I am today. I’d highly recommend this experience to other seekers who are looking to align their heart and grow their spirit in the company of other inspired leaders." 

"Kacy’s questions expertly and quickly zeroed in on the marrow of the subjects at hand.  With no pretension or artifice she seamlessly navigates true connection between the group and with the individual to themselves.  The session and her questions were absolutely refreshing and exhilarating."

"As an entrepreneur, faced with the interminable demands required to keep you and your business moving forward, it's all too easy to lose sight of what's truly driving you. Kacy's leadership, through her own story and pointed group discussion, helps refocus the purpose behind your work in a way that resonates far beyond the discussion itself."

"I’m a CEO who regularly speaks in front of thousands of people and that doesn’t make me nervous. But sitting here, about to answer these questions, my heart is racing."

"I wish this session had come sooner. We’ve all been together for the past three weeks, and I’m only now feeling like we’re getting to know one another."

Beautiful setting for a 2018 Malibu Question Salon with academics, executives, and social entrepreneurs.

Beautiful setting for a 2018 Malibu Question Salon with academics, executives, and social entrepreneurs.



This year Kacy will be speaking at a variety of social entrepreneurship events. She is happy to customize talks, salon discussions, and facilitated workshops to meet your needs. If you are interested in learning more about availability and pricing, please use the contact form below.

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